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Annual Towing & Recovery of Washington Legislative Day
Wednesday, February 20th - 11am
We encourage you to join us for this important event!

Spend the afternoon meeting with your Representatives and Lawmakers; expressing your voice and ensuring that your votes count on the issues that mean the most to your business and industry.

The evening's Legislative Reception, hosted by T.R.A.W., at the Red Lion Olympia gives us all the opportunity to mingle with our elected officials and their support teams; solidifying our relationships and "humanizing" our causes that we are encouraging them to "get behind". 

There is no cost to our members beyond the single night hotel stay if needed,(offered with a reduced rate), and the fuel to get there. A No-Host Bar and Hors d'oeuvres will be provided at the evening's reception.

11 am - Question & Answers with our lobbyists, Mark & Chet and President Paul Bressi
 12 pm - 4 pm - Schedule your Appointments with your Local Lawmakers  

Location: Capital in the morning and afternoon 
  Reception at the Red Lion Olympia, Rainier Room - 6 pm - 9 pm

 This is our chance to be heard. 
Please join us.
 With the issues we are currently facing, this is the most important year for you to attend this event  
The more we show our strength in numbers, the more powerful we are! 

Let's make the "The Power of a Team" unstoppable!!!



If you have any questions please call the T.R.A.W. office at 206.492.5032 or email the office at: administrator@towingandrecovery.net

"The Power of A Team"

 2019 Session Legislative Agenda 

1. Sales Tax on Auction Vehicles – DOR Issue – (Draft: Being Reviewed by TRAW Attorney) 
    • Makes clear that income derived from the sale of an abandoned vehicle represents payment of a retail charge (towing and storage) and     not the sale of a vehicle (transfer of title/ownership). 
    • Possible to draft version outside of RCW requiring tax preference and sunset. 
    ACTION: When final draft is approved, we will send WSP a copy. 

2. Service Member’s Civil Relief Act Verification – AG Issue – (Draft: H-0385.1/19 & S-0368.1/19): 
    •Requires Tow Operators to verify whether registered owner is active duty military prior to sale at auction as required under the Service     Member’s Civil Relief Act (RCW 38.42 and RCW 46.55) 
    • Direct DOL to provide birthdates for every registered owner of a vehicle impounded by law enforcement and private property impounds     at the time an “AVR” is prepared 
    • Reconcile both statutes so that RTTO’s can comply with federal and state requirements, i.e., days of storage and lien enforcement     procedures 
​    ACTION: See attached draft H-0385.1/9 

3. Strengthen “Slow Down – Move Over” Statute – (Draft: H-0381.2/19 & S-0366.2/19): 
    • Better define what is meant by “proceed with caution” and “reduce the speed of the vehicle” in RCW 46.61.212 
    • Increase monetary penalty for violation of the statute 
    • Increase suspension of driver’s license to 90 days and require SR-22 proof of insurance 
    • Increase criminal violation to a felony for third and subsequent offense 
​    ACTION: See attached draft H-0381.1/19 

4. Transaction Fee for Payment of Towing and Storage Fees (RCW 46.55.035) – (Draft: H-0386.2/19 & S-0369.2/19) 
    • Allows towers to charge a “transaction fee” for clients who wish to pay by credit card. A no-fee payment method (not requiring a credit     card) would also be available to customers 
    • Credit cards charge towers a processing fee that cannot be passed along to consumer 
    • State agencies charge a convenience fee when taking payment by credit card 
    ACTION: See attached draft H-0386.1/19 

5. Personal Belongings Sold with Abandoned Vehicle – (Draft: H-0383.1/19 & S-0367.1/19): 
    • Eliminates requirement (in RCW 46.55.090) to return personal effects to local law enforcement (who won’t take them now) and allows     for sale of non-titled property with the vehicle 
    • Reduce employee exposure/injuries incurred because of handling dangerous chemical, environmental, human waste and hypodermic     needles and other contraband 
    ACTION: See attached draft H-0383.1/19 

6. Liability for Law Enforcement Impounds – (Draft H-0384.1/19 & S-0365.1/19): 
    • An RTTO would not be liable for a Law Enforcement tow on a suspended license in the impound was completed in good faith without     gross negligence at the direction of law enforcement 
    • Consistent with same liability waivers for law enforcement impounding vehicle 
    • Brings certainty and finality to impound procedures 
    ACTION: See attached draft H-0384.1/19