The Tow PAC is a voluntary, non-profit, non-partisan and non-discriminatory political action committee organized under the laws of the State of Washington. The Tow PAC actively advocates in the political process in the State of Washington Legislature and will educate legislators, state agency employees and other decision makers in its purpose and programs. Tow PAC will contribute financially, to the extent allowed by law, legislative races, statewide races, and ballot issues. Candidates or issues that are fiscally responsible in nature and that are supportive of the advancement of the needs and issues of the towing industry in the State of Washington will be supported to the degree possible and as determined by the board.
In order to do the work of the Tow-PAC it needs your financial support. Please consider making your contribution today to support the upcoming efforts of our lobbyists and the TR.A.W. legislative strategy.

Show your financial support by mailing your check to Tow-PAC and mail to:                 Tow-PAC
         c/o T.R.A.W.
         PO Box 25174 
         Seattle, WA 98165

Please make your check payable to Tow-PAC in order to comply with all legal requirements.

If you do not want to mail a check, call the T.R.A.W. office at (206) 532-5076 and make your contribution by credit card. 

Thank you in advance for your support!

Contact Us:
Phone: 206-532-5076   Fax: 206-364-3111
P.O. Box 25174, Seattle, Washington. 98165
"The Power of a Team"
Towers of Washington Political Action Committee