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"The Power of A Team"
How it works:

- Students take the classroom portion online, live with our trusted instructors and attend a small hands-on class outdoors in the same week (choice of 2 locations).

- Students are required: an internet connection, access to a power supply, smartphone and computer or tablet with a camera.

- Our goal is to train all students and we will expand the schedule, as necessary. Register early. (Registration is currently available for May – July with classes twice a month and additional classes to be announced soon.)

- Flexibility to attend classes in your area with hands-on portion being offered throughout the state thanks to our dedicated Education Team of volunteers.
What sets us apart:

- The respected training that is only offered from T.R.A.W. and recognized by WSP as a leader in training for Washington State Towers and beyond.

- A hands-on program that no one else is offering under current limitations; taught in small groups that allow your students thorough and personalized training.

- Our dedication to ensure that your students have a comprehensive understanding of the job, knowledge and skills required to be considered certified; more than any online program can offer and provide.

- The price! We are offering our classes at the same reasonable rate we have previously and now with less cost to companies as students are now only traveling for class for one day, not two. With classes available around the state, many will have the opportunity to return home and no hotel stay will be required, as it has been in years past.

Do not be fooled by the competition – “Good drivers are not born, they are trained” and we intend to do that, just as we always have for many years for the Towers of Washington State and beyond!

We are your trusted source for all things T.R.A.W.
2021 T.R.A.W Education Program
*Students must successfully complete the Light Duty  School before attending the Medium Duty School.

**You must also successfully complete the Medium Duty  School before attending the Heavy Duty School.
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