What sets us apart:

- The respected training that is only offered from T.R.A.W. and recognized by WSP as a leader in training for Washington State Towers and beyond.

- A hands-on program that prepares your drivers for the challenges they face.

- Our dedication to ensure that your students have a comprehensive understanding of the job, knowledge and skills required to be considered certified.

- The price! We are offering our classes at the same reasonable rate we have previously. With classes available around the state, many will have the opportunity to return home and no hotel stay will be required.

“Good drivers are not born, they are trained”


T.R.A.W Education

Class in session: April 2023

T.R.A.W. has utilized years of knowledge and experience to create an education program the meets the needs of all truck classifications as well as a "Washington Specific" section that teaches new operators the laws and how they apply to their daily jobs.

As always, as a committee we wish to meet the needs and wants of the members.
 If you have any suggestions, or comments, please contact one of us directly, 
or contact the office.

Rich Steele, Education Chairman / Airport Towing - (206) 243-6252
T.R.A.W. Office - Emily Wade, Administrative Director - (206) 532-5076

Thank you to each of the instructors and volunteers who give of their time to promote a safe towing community through the T.R.A.W. education program.

T.R.A.W sincerely thanks each company that allows their employee the
 time away from work to participate in our education program.

Our goals are to provide law enforcement and the motoring public with efficient and effective towing and recovery service and most of all, to make sure everyone goes home safely.

"The Power of a Team"

Contact Us:
Email: administrator@towingandrecovery.net
Phone: 206-532-5076   Fax: 206-364-3111
P.O. Box 25174, Seattle, Washington. 98165