• Education We have established a highly recognized education program that will give your employees valuable hands-on experience. It allows for students to practice recoveries in a safe environment. They learn to operate equipment safely and efficiently which increases the credibility of our industry and your company. School pricing is discounted for TRAW members.

  • Retrospective Rating Towers have been part of L&I’s Retro Program for nearly 10 years. We partnered with Integrated Claims Management who provides administrator services for our program. Our program has been successful and while most Retro programs have a goal of a 15% return, we have surpassed this number because members maintain strong safety programs. Here’s the math: If you had five drivers and an office person, depending on your experience rating you might be paying as follows:

           Five drivers, 2080 hours per year at $1.75 per hour = $18,200            
           One office, 2080 hours per year at 0.12 per hour = $250      
           Total $18,450
           If you were able to realize a return of 15%, that would put $2,767.50 back in YOUR pocket each year!

  • Michelin Tire Program  As of June 2010 TRAW has its own national tire account through Michelin Tires. Your cost savings is up to 50% off regular retail. Companies who have purchased tires through this program have reported back a savings up to $250.00 per Class A Truck over any other tire pricing they could find. You are buying the best possible tire for your truck with superior mileage and service.  

  • TowPartners As a member of TRAW you are automatically a member of the TowPartners network. There is no membership fee charged to you and TowPartners offers discounts on products including Sprint/Nextel, Aramark uniforms, truck insurance, medical benefits, mobile credit card solutions, computers, the TOPS computer dispatch system, just to name a few. Discounts range from 10% to 50% of retail pricing.  "I think the one that has saved me the most so far is the 15% off of Sprint." J.P. Rajao, Superior Towing

  • Legislation As a member of the TRAW you will be part of a group that has a lobbyist in Olympia watching over industry interests and needs. Stuart Halsan has been a Legislator and knows the system from the inside. Recent “wins” include changes to the Streamlined Tax bill that would have put a huge burden on all towers’ accounting systems. Another is the change in the advertising requirements for auctions. This bill alone has saved towers thousands of dollars a year!

  • Tow PAC Because we believe that the best way to effect change is to participate in the process; we have created a Political Action Committee. Through donations made by our members our Tow PAC makes donations to both incumbents and new candidates for various offices in the State. Because of donation laws we can contribute amounts equal to Boeing and Microsoft. Our voices are heard!  

  • Fuel  Program - Associated Petroleum -  As tow operators we all know the significant cost of fuel and the impact to our bottom line. Here’s the math: If you operated five trucks that each traveled 100 miles per day and your trucks got an average of 8 miles/gallon….Five trucks X 100 miles/day = 500 miles/day at 8mpg would mean you burn about 62.5 gallons/day. Based upon 272 workdays in a year, you would be using 17,000 gallons of fuel. If you could save an average of 5 cents a gallon, that would mean savings $850 per year.  
"The Power of a Team"