The Towing and Recovery Association of Washington (TRAW) was organized in 2005 by towing, recovery and storage business owners to represent the interests of the tow truck industry. TRAW stands as the authority on the tow truck industry and represents those interests in governmental and legal affairs. TRAW promotes a profitable operating climate for tow operators by working with State Patrol, Department of Transportation, Department of Licensing, the Legislature, and organizations directly or indirectly related to the tow business. Please join us and together we will:

1. Represent the legal and business interests of the towing, recovery and 
    storage industry in the legislative and regulatory arena at the federal, state 
    and local level
2. Create partnerships that provide business-related services to support and 
    assist owners or create partnerships
3. Promote professionalism and ethics in the towing industry
4. Provide education to both owners and employees 
5. Communicate within and outside the industry by providing information and 
    networking opportunities.


The bylaws as adopted by the TRAW board provide for a class of membership known as Associate members. This class shall include those firms and individuals who supply, do business with, or contract with the towing industry. Associate members have the right to attend meetings, use the logo, receive mailings, and serve as advisers to committees. Associate members are non-voting members.  Will you join us?


Contact Us:
Email: administrator@towingandrecovery.net
Phone: 206-532-5076   Fax: 206-364-3111
P.O. Box 25174, Seattle, Washington. 98165
"The Power of a Team"