TRAW   was organized by towing, recovery and storage business owners as the authority to represent the interests of the tow truck 
                 industry in governmental and legal affairs.

TRAW   promotes a profitable operating climate for tow operators working with the Washington State Patrol, Department of    
                Transportation, of Licensing, the Legislature, and organizations directly or indirectly related to the tow business.

TRAW  is the voice of the industry in Washington State with over 200 members to include associate members and out of 
                state members. 

Towing and Recovery Association of Washington
 Mike Walcker - Association Director
 Joanne Walcker - Association Administrator
PO Box 281 - Cashmere, Washington 98815 
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toll free - 877.600.TRAW (8729)

TRAW - "The Power of a Team"

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EXPO 2014 
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    As my term as President of the Towing and Recovery Association of Washington comes to a close I want to take this opportunity to reflect on our collective accomplishments. We really did some great things the past two years! I am convinced that our industry will continue to move in a positive direction in the future. Our TRAW Board of Directors, consisting of district chairs and our Executive Board, consisting of elected officers have been a tremendous help with every accomplishment. I understand the commitment that a board member makes and I appreciate that each of you are volunteers. I sincerely thank you for sharing your time, your talent, for being a sounding board and for assisting in making important decisions throughout my term that affect us all.  

    In between our work in Olympia during the 2013 legislative session, collaborating with the Washington State Patrol to review and make improvements to WAC 204.91A, and our efforts to correct the differences between the statewide tow rates and storage fees allowed to be charged by our operators in Seattle we made significant strides. In addition, and I feel most importantly, we have established a professional working relationship with the WSP. I truly believe that our partnership with the WSP will serve us well in the future. We need to remain vigilant in the legislative arena, both locally and at the state level, but I feel strongly that the “door is open” at the WSP and we can look forward to working together to better serve our customers.

    I am excited to formally announce that after many hours of negotiation with the Seattle City Attorney’s Office we reached a settlement in our lawsuit against the City of Seattle that you authorized in 2013. The Seattle City Council passed Ordinance 124655 which made important changes to SMC 6.214.220. After our initial appearance in King County Superior Court last year we evaluated our litigation posture. We concluded that it was in the best interests of the Association that we continue to pursue a fair and reasonable resolution with Seattle. We felt our best opportunity for success would be too re-establish negotiations with the City.  

    To this end we were assisted by Seattle attorney, Peter Lukevich, and Wenatchee attorney, Patrick McMahon. Peter and Pat worked hard on our behalf to craft a settlement that avoided continued protracted litigation and reduced our legal fees. Seattle Ordinance 124655 increases storage fees to a level that are consistent with the corresponding statewide rate and permits the Director of the DFAS to increase these fees by the yearly CPI rate of inflation. I’m very proud that that the legal action was settled and finalized under my term as president. Thank you to the members of the Association that assisted in this effort.

    “Together, We Can Make it Happen” were words I included in the first letter I wrote to membership in 2013. Because we are a professional group of owner/operators that are most interested in providing good service at a fair rate to our clients, I cannot stress enough how important it is that our industry be represented by the Towing and Recovery Association of Washington. I understand that you are busy running your business and dealing with the demands of a successful operation however, if you are not active in your Association, I urge you to get involved. If you are active, I hope that you will remain so for many years to come. 

    I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge others who made huge contributions to the success of my term; our education committee, legislative committee, our lobbyist, our supplier/vendor network and especially Mike & Joanne Walcker. Please know that I appreciate each of you and all that you do to promote TRAW. Thank you so very much.  

    But most of all, I want to thank you for believing in me and for allowing me to be the President of the TRAW for the past two years. I wish you all the very best as I turn over the reins of the position of President to Ron Jake. 
I am very confident that under his leadership, the hard work of the members of our Association and the continued support you have shown me that TRAW will continue to move in a very positive direction.

                                Always remember that the success of TRAW will always be: “The Power of a Team” 


                                Jackie Currie – President
                                Towing and Recovery Association of Washington – 2013 / 2014