Meet the TRAW Lobbyist Team
Mark Gjurasic & Chet Baldwin

Mark worked with our predecessor organization as the lobbyist for the Washington Tow Truck Association. Mark has been working tirelessly in Olympia for over 35 years. His work covers a broad range of matters including work on transportation and tax legislation. Mark brings his knowledge and expertise of the lobbyist that helped write and pass RCW 46.52 (now RCW 46.55) and helped prevent our industry from being saddled with a “low bid contract” when responding to WSP impound calls.

Chet is an attorney. He has not only worked for many years as a lobbyist but has also represented tow truck companies in district and municipal courts at impound hearings and successfully defended RTTO operators against charges of violating     State hulk hauling laws. Using his skills as an attorney, Chet is able to draft legislation, analyze proposed legislation and research legislative intent concerning both pending and current legislation. Chet enjoys fostering the “grass roots” lobbying effort and working with Associations, like the TRAW, to identify positive opportunities for his clients.

Together Mark and Chet form a very dynamic duo. Both of these men have committed themselves to aggressively advancing our issues and looking for efficient and effective legislative solutions that will benefit the TRAW for years to come. 

Have a good legislative idea or a question? Call the TRAW office at
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"The Power of A Team"
The TRAW Lobbyists will be leading our grassroots effort to pass the legislative priorities of the TRAW. Those priorities which were approved on September 27th include:
1. Developing a statewide plan to deconstruct and dispose of RV's, campers and trailers impounded at the request of law enforcement and private property owners; and
2. Revise the ending time of a tow to permit the hourly tow rate to continue until the tow truck can return to service rather than when the tow truck crosses the threshold of the storage yard; and 
3. Remove the $500 lien cap amount that can be sought by RTTO's on private property impounds; and 
4. Permit electronic record storage of law enforcement and private property impounds, permit use of first class U.S. postage for mailing the notice of custody and sale to the legal and registered owners, and to modify the standard vehicle collision report to permit to truck drivers to be treated in the same manner as law enforcement officers and firefighters for driving abstract reporting when an accident takes place during the performance of official duties.