2021 Legislative Session: 
Lobbyist Update

2021 Legislative Session Priorities
Your lobbying team, Mark Gjurasic & Chester Baldwin, along with your Legislative Chairman, Matthew Porter and the T.R.A.W. Board, are working hard on behalf of the members of the Towing & Recovery Association of Washington. 

Focusing our efforts on: 

-Supporting Hailey's Law 2.0 and Enforcement

-Finalizing the ETA with D.O.R. and pushing to not back out taxes

-The Military Service Members issue with the AG, DOL and Lawmakers.
Chet is an attorney. He has not only worked for many years as a lobbyist but has also represented tow truck companies in district and municipal courts at impound hearings and successfully defended RTTO operators against charges of violating state hulk hauling laws. Using his skills as an attorney, Chet is able to draft legislation, analyze proposed legislation and research legislative intent concerning both pending and current legislation. Chet enjoys fostering the “grass roots” lobbying effort and working with Associations, like the TRAW, to identify positive opportunities for his clients.

Together Mark and Chet form a very dynamic duo. Both of these men have committed themselves to aggressively advancing our issues and looking for efficient and effective legislative solutions that will benefit the TRAW for years to come. 
Meet your T.R.A.W. Lobbyist Team
 Chester Baldwin & Mark Gjurasic

"The Power of A Team"
          Chester Baldwin
Have a good legislative idea or a question? 

Call the TRAW office at 206.492.5032 or email to administrator@towingandrecovery.net
Mark Gjurasic
-Tower’s Compensation Bill (SB 5406): Amazing support from Lawmakers with 14 Sponsors in the Senate; SB 5406 passed with flying colors (49 approved, 1 opposed). Onto the Senate for testimony! Be ready to rally and tell your Lawmakers to support this bill. Grants towers the ability to collect on Law Enforcement directed calls through Liability insurance.
-Opposing Carbon Tax & Opposing Capital Gains Tax: The impact on our industry and members far too great not to oppose. Contact your Lawmakers personally and tell them to oppose these bills and the costly impact they will have on our industry and small business.
-Transporter Plate issue/RTTO Remedy: Worked with Sponsors to ensure price of RTTO indicator tab remains $2 and no cap of the number allowed for RTTOs. License Fee increase unavoidable as it has not been increased since the 1940’s. Big win for RTTOs and keeping more money in our pockets. The towing industry was the only industry granted an exception to the increase.
- Credit Card Fee Recovery: After thorough discussion, we are waiting until next year when in hopes of D.O.L. bill addressing the same issue passes this year and opens the door for us to piggy-back off the bill and be granted the same privilege as D.O.L. is our governing agency (i.e., “If they can, we should be allowed too as well”).
-Supporting License Suspension Bill (SB 5226): Increasing penalty and obligation on unpaid tickets, leading to license suspension; increasing state revenue and ability to hold those drivers accountable, leading to impoundment for those who do not comply and pay expected fines when stopped for traffic infractions (like previous authority, which has been minimized in recent years).
Mark worked with our predecessor organization as the lobbyist for the Washington Tow Truck Association. Mark has been working tirelessly in Olympia for over 35 years. His work covers a broad range of matters including work on transportation and tax legislation. Mark brings his knowledge and expertise of the lobbyist that helped write and pass RCW 46.52 (now RCW 46.55) and helped prevent our industry from being saddled with a “low bid contract” when responding to WSP impound calls.