Mark worked with our predecessor organization as the lobbyist for the Washington Tow Truck Association. Mark has been working tirelessly in Olympia for over 35 years. His work covers a broad range of matters including work on transportation and tax legislation. Mark brings his knowledge and expertise of the lobbyist that helped write and pass RCW 46.52 (now RCW 46.55) and helped prevent our industry from being saddled with a “low bid contract” when responding to WSP impound calls.

Chet is an attorney. He has not only worked for many years as a lobbyist but has also represented tow truck companies in district and municipal courts at impound hearings and successfully defended RTTO operators against charges of violating state hulk hauling laws. Using his skills as an attorney, Chet is able to draft legislation, analyze proposed legislation and research legislative intent concerning both pending and current legislation. Chet enjoys fostering the “grass roots” lobbying effort and working with Associations, like the TRAW, to identify positive opportunities for his clients.

Together Mark and Chet form a very dynamic duo. Both of these men have committed themselves to aggressively advancing our issues and looking for efficient and effective legislative solutions that will benefit the TRAW for years to come. 
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Meet your T.R.A.W. Lobbyist Team
Mark Gjurasic & Chet Baldwin

"The Power of A Team"
2019 Session Legislative Agenda 

1. Sales Tax on Auction Vehicles – DOR Issue – (Draft: Being Reviewed by TRAW Attorney) • Makes clear that income derived from the sale of an abandoned vehicle represents payment of a retail charge (towing and storage) and not the sale of a vehicle (transfer of title/ownership). • Possible to draft version outside of RCW requiring tax preference and sunset. ACTION: When final draft is approved, we will send WSP a copy. 

2. Service Member’s Civil Relief Act Verification – AG Issue – (Draft: H-0385.1/19 & S-0368.1/19): • Requires Tow Operators to verify whether registered owner is active duty military prior to sale at auction as required under the Service Member’s Civil Relief Act (RCW 38.42 and RCW 46.55) • Direct DOL to provide birthdates for every registered owner of a vehicle impounded by law enforcement and private property impounds at the time an “AVR” is prepared • Reconcile both statutes so that RTTO’s can comply with federal and state requirements, i.e., days of storage and lien enforcement procedures ACTION: See attached draft H-0385.1/9 

3. Strengthen “Slow Down – Move Over” Statute – (Draft: H-0381.2/19 & S-0366.2/19): • Better define what is meant by “proceed with caution” and “reduce the speed of the vehicle” in RCW 46.61.212 • Increase monetary penalty for violation of the statute • Increase suspension of driver’s license to 90 days and require SR-22 proof of insurance • Increase criminal violation to a felony for third and subsequent offense ACTION: See attached draft H-0381.1/19 

4. Transaction Fee for Payment of Towing and Storage Fees (RCW 46.55.035) – (Draft: H-0386.2/19 & S-0369.2/19) • Allows towers to charge a “transaction fee” for clients who wish to pay by credit card. A no-fee payment method (not requiring a credit card) would also be available to customers • Credit cards charge towers a processing fee that cannot be passed along to consumer • State agencies charge a convenience fee when taking payment by credit card 
ACTION: See attached draft H-0386.1/19 

5. Personal Belongings Sold with Abandoned Vehicle – (Draft: H-0383.1/19 & S-0367.1/19): • Eliminates requirement (in RCW 46.55.090) to return personal effects to local law enforcement (who won’t take them now) and allows for sale of non-titled property with the vehicle • Reduce employee exposure/injuries incurred because of handling dangerous chemical, environmental, human waste and hypodermic needles and other contraband 
ACTION: See attached draft H-0383.1/19 

6. Liability for Law Enforcement Impounds – (Draft H-0384.1/19 & S-0365.1/19): • An RTTO would not be liable for a Law Enforcement tow on a suspended license in the impound was completed in good faith without gross negligence at the direction of law enforcement • Consistent with same liability waivers for law enforcement impounding vehicle • Brings certainty and finality to impound procedures 
ACTION: See attached draft H-0384.1/19 
          Chester Baldwin
Mark Gjurasic