"The Power of a Team"

TRAW   was organized by towing, recovery and storage business owners as the authority to represent the interests of the tow                  truck industry in governmental and legal affairs.

TRAW   promotes a profitable operating climate for tow operators working with the Washington State Patrol, Department of    
                Transportation, of Licensing, the Legislature, and organizations directly or indirectly related to the tow business.

TRAW  is the voice of the industry in Washington State with over 200 members to include associate members and out   
                of state members. 

TRAW - "The Power of a Team"

Towing and Recovery Association of Washington
 Mike Walcker - Association Director
 Joanne Walcker - Association Administrator
PO Box 281 - Cashmere, Washington 98815 
509.782.7170 – fax 509.782.7108
toll free - 877.600.TRAW (8729)


September 17th and 18th,
 Light Duty, Montana Tow Show
 Bozeman, Montana

October 9th & 10th  
Light Duty, Clark's Towing
Issaquah, Washington

November 6th and 7th
 Light Duty, 
Nelson Truck & Equipment
 Portland, Oregon