"The Power of A Team"

Why be a member? As one of the most heavily regulated industries in the state, towing and recovery business owners have a vested interest in the regulations that affect them. Towing & Recovery of Washington is organized to have a voice in the legislative and regulatory process for your benefit. Together our voices can be heard. Together we can promote professionalism of our industry. Together we can train our employees. Together we can negotiate with our municipalities and our state agencies. Together we have access to buying programs and discounts on products or services. Together we can be a stronger force than we can alone.

TRAW  was organized by towing, recovery and storage business owners as the      
                 authority to represent the tow truck industries in governmental and 
                 legal affairs.
TRAW  promotes a profitable operating climate for tow operators working with the 
                 Washington State Patrol, Department of Transportation, Department of     
                 Licensing, the Legislature and organizations directly or indirectly related
                 to the tow business.
TRAW  is the voice of the industry in Washington State with over 200 members

Towing and Recovery Association of Washington

Peter Lukevich
Association Director
13751 Lake City Way NE,  #222
Seattle, WA  98125
206-492-5032 office
206-362-1003 fax
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