TRAW   was organized by towing, recovery and storage business owners as the authority to represent the interests of the tow truck 
                 industry in governmental and legal affairs.

TRAW   promotes a profitable operating climate for tow operators working with the Washington State Patrol, Department of    
                Transportation, of Licensing, the Legislature, and organizations directly or indirectly related to the tow business.

TRAW  is the voice of the industry in Washington State with over 200 members to include associate members and out of 
                state members. 

Towing and Recovery Association of Washington
 Mike Walcker - Association Director
 Joanne Walcker - Association Administrator
PO Box 281 - Cashmere, Washington 98815 
509.782.7170 – fax 509.782.7108
toll free - 877.600.TRAW (8729)

TRAW - "The Power of a Team"

EXPO 2014 
TRAW Board of Directors 
EXPO 2014 
TRAW Education Instructors
Thanks to Mike  and Joanne for a Great "Christmas" Celebration
Here are a few quotes from Joanne's Facebook page....

Terry Weaver  -  "had a great time, thank you and Mike for everything.

Debbie Caveness -  "Joanne, you and Mike as always did a fantastic job!  We had so much fun"

Donna Gillard  -  "I think it was great.  Dinner was great, company was great and you and Mike are the GREATEST!!"

Heather Lange-Wilson  -  "Great Job Joanne !!  Thank you for everything you do!!"

Lori Huntington  -  "Great job Joanne and Mike.  We appreciate all of your hard work and everything you guys do.

​Kurt Gillard  -  "Best time I have ever had"

Jackie Currie  -  "Thanks to you and Mike for a fabulous weekend.  the Icicle Inn is always fun.  The music, diner and the opportunity to see so many to friends just made the "After Christmas" party a fun time for all"

Debbie Reid  -  "Thank you guys, you did a great job.  I had a really nice time, met a lot of wonderful people and made some new friends!"



This is an opportunity for you to meet your legislative representatives and have a one on one 
discussion about the issues that are important to the tow industry.

Many Senators and Representatives in Olympia are aware of the Towing and Recovery Association of Washington
 however, but it makes a huge difference when they are able to connect an individuals face. 

The reception is Thursday evening followed by a BOD meeting Friday @ 9am.

Rooms at the Red Lion are $99.00 - Please call 360-943-4000 and refer to the TRAW room block.

Hors d' oeuvers and cocktails will be served.

:Please RSVP to Joanne at the TRAW office if you plan to atttend.