Towing and Recovery Association of Washington

Current Contact Information
206-492-5032 office
206-364-3111 fax
PO BOX 25174
Seattle, Washington. 98165

"The Power of A Team"
T.R.A.W.  was organized by towing, recovery and storage business owners as the authority to represent 
                     the tow truck industries in governmental and legal affairs.
T.R.A.W.  promotes a profitable operating climate for tow operators working with the 
                     Washington State Patrol, Department of Transportation, Department of Licensing, the 
                     Legislature and organizations directly or indirectly related to the tow business.
T.R.A.W.   is the voice of the industry in Washington State with over 200 members
2021 T.R.A.W. Education is on!

Space is limited and we encourage you to complete the registration form as it is on a first come, first served basis. Our priority is well-educated drivers, and we hope to get every student through this year!

It is easy: Download the registration form using the button below and choose 3 class slots and we will place you in the first available. Once we receive your registration form, you are placed on the class list and we will contact you with a link for payment once your student is placed on a class roster.

Materials will be mailed to students in advance and registration closes one week prior to the classroom portion of the class to guarantee delivery of the necessary correspondence.

How it works: